Case Study Discussion for Students’ Comprehension of the Four Bioethics Principles


Jeannemar Genevive Yap-Figueras


In the past three years, students taking up Bioethics under the B.S. Biology
curriculum of West Visayas State University, a state university located in
Panay island, tend to have varied convictions regarding current bioethical
issues commonly experienced in science and technology. One of the probable
factors for the diversified opinions could be lack of comprehension of the
four Bioethics principles, which are the basis for creating moral decisions
in Bioethics. This study focuses on determining whether incorporation of a
case study discussion in the existing strategy of teaching the four Bioethics
principles can improve the students’ comprehension of the topic. A pre-test
was administered to seventy-six (76) students after a preceptorial film analysis
discussion. The case-study discussion was then conducted. Administration of
the post-test was done three weeks after the case study discussion. T-test for
dependent samples was used to analyze the data. Results show that there was a
statistically significant increase in the scores from the pre-test to the post-test.
The eta squared statistic indicated a large effect size; thereby implying that
an inquiry-based strategy, i.e., a case study discussion, can enhance students’
comprehension of the four Bioethics principles.



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