Certificate program for Non-Specialists Tecahers in Mathematics Implications to reforms in Teachers’ Professional development


Alona M. Belarga, Emellie G. Palomo, Angelina N. Ramirez, Elvira L. Arellano


This research project examined the competencies and capabilities of teachers who are non-majors
in Mathematics after attending the Certificate Program of two terms which ran for 6 weeks for each term. The course content covered among others the least learned content topics and processes based on the results of the 2005 National Achievement Test. The delivery of the course was an integration of content, teaching strategies, and assessment. The use, care, and improvisation of equipment and learning support materials were included. Specifically this project explored the capabilities of teacher participants in terms of increased content knowledge, enhanced competence in teaching and assessment of learning, and continued professional enhancement. The participants-respondents of the study were the trained mathematics  teachers, their immediate supervisors, and their students. Findings of the study showed that teachers gained
significantly in terms of content knowledge and strategies of teaching from the training and this translates into their high confidence in. teaching. Further, the participants showed improved classroom management skills, teaching, and assessment skills. Results also revealed that the trained mathematics teachers have enhanced their ability in conducting classes using varied and appropriate methods and strategies. They were also able to assess student learning using a variety of ways and were able to evaluate students’ performance through authentic means. Implications of this study are discussed with respect to areas or competencies that need to be developed further among mathematics teachers in the local and national contexts of educational reforms and professional development

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