Dual Control Driving Trainer: An Innovation of West Visayas State University Pototan Campus


Charlie D. Dormido, Eugene P. Tanedo, Lauro Pablo, Edwin Pueyo, Ramy
A. Parrrenas, Manuel S. Libutaque , Lauro E. Estecomen


West Visayas State University (WVSU) in Pototan exists to produce globally
competitive lifelong learners. In the pursuit of these, faculty members are
encouraged to be creative and resourceful in the development of instructional
materials. The inadequacy of instructional device in automotive technology
prompted the development of a low-cost dual control driving trainer by using
salvaged parts from unserviceable vehicles. The researchers employed the
developmental method in this study. Automotive technology students and
professors and engineers pilot tested it for further improvement. Additionally,
the respondents composed of mechanical engineers, professional drivers,
automotive technology professors, and students evaluated the driving trainer
device. The result showed that the trainer is less expensive and very useful as
an instructional facility.

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