Effect of the Different Levels of Fertilizers and Types of Harvesting flowers on the Growth and Yield of Spathiphyllum


Rubin L. Penpillo and Monica L. Ballano


This research study was conducted to find out the effects of different Levels of fertilizer and types of
harvesting flowers on the growth and yield of Spathiphyllum and to determine the cost and return analysis
of each treatment. Two hundred forty potted Spathiphyllum were grown in bags for 27 months using four
levels of fertilizers and 2 types of harvesting flowers. The data gathered were the height of the plants ,
number of functional Leaves, number of suckers, and number and size of flowers. The experiment was Laid
out in a split-plot design in RCBD replicated three times with JO pots per replicate. Results showed that
the flowers of Spathiphyllum could either with or wothout be cut thru the peduncle either with or without
accompanying leaf Foliar application of 19-19-19 at the rate of 5g/liter of water to point of saturation
every 15 days plus the granular application of 2. 5 g each of urea and Tl 4 every month gave the best result,
while foliar application of fertilizer alone gave the poorest result. Likewise, the former gave highest ROI
and the latter the lowest ROI It is recommended that further studies including light intensity, temperature,
relative humidity, leaf pruning, and desuckering be conducted. Further, ANCOVA is recommended to
determine the influence of growth parameters on flower yield.



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