Effects of Creative Writing Activities on Student Achievement in Mathematics


Francis O. Pantino, Maria Ana T. Quimbo, Joy H. Pantino


This study investigated the effects of using creative writing activities in
mathematics to measure students’ mathematics achievement. Using a quasi-
experimental design, the data were collected from 60 respondents from
three intact classes of college freshman students from a university in Iloilo
City from June 23, 2014 to October 2, 2014. Results of the study showed
no significant differences noted on students’ mathematics achievement after
exposure to the three methods of instruction when pre-test scores in the
mathematics achievement test were used as covariate. However, the paired-
samples t-tests showed that there was a significant difference in students’
mathematics achievement test scores before and after exposure to Treatment
1, Treatment 2, and Conventional set up. It was concluded that regardless of
the method of instruction, students can demonstrate significant gain in the
mathematics achievement test. It was recommended that the teacher integrate
more mathematics content in creative writing activities.

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