Personal Variables, Comprehension of the Four Bioethics Principles, and Convictions towards Bioethical Issues: A Path Analysis


Jeannemar Genevive Yap-Figueras, Crisanto S. Lopez, Jr.


This study aimed to determine the relationship of factors influencing
bioethical convictions of B.S. Biology students. It focused on the efficacy
of case study discussion in improving comprehension of the four Bioethics
principles, the efficiency of a Bioethics course in improving bioethical
convictions, the identifying predictors for comprehension of Bioethics
principles and bioethical convictions, and the creating of model constructs of
predictors which are fit for the data. The convictions test for bioethical issues,
Comprehension test for the four bioethics principles, a survey-questionnaire,
Otis-Lennon School Ability test and 16PF test were used in gathering data
from 116 participants. T-test for dependent samples was used to determine
effects of the case study discussion and the bioethics course. To identify
predictors for comprehension and convictions among personal and family
background factors, global and primary personality factors, and mental ability,
step-wise multiple regression was utilized. Path analysis models were then
constructed and tested for goodness of fit using Structural Equation Modeling
(SEM). Results showed that case study discussion and the Bioethics course
were effective in improving comprehension and bioethical convictions,
respectively. Predictors for comprehension of Bioethics principles before
case study discussion were verbal ability, warmth, and exposure to media.
Sex and openness to change were predictors for pre-convictions. Post-
conviction predictors were anxiety, self-control, extraversion, liveliness, and
perfectionism. Four corrected path models were accepted based on fit indices
criteria of SEM. In conclusion, personal factors, much as sex and personality
factors are contributors in bioethical convictions, and not cognitive factors
like mental ability or comprehension of the four Bioethics principles.

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