Phytochemical Screening: Nanochlorum spp.


Anita Estela M. Monroy


This study attempted to screen selected phytochemicals in the ethanolic,
methanolic and acetone extracts of Nanochlorum spp. The extracts were
subjected to the following tests: Test tube method for Alkaloid Analysis
(Confirmatory test, test for quaternary bases and/or amine oxide), Test Tube
Reaction Methods for Steroids (Keller-Kiliani test: test for 2-deoxysugars),
the Bornträger’s Test for Anthraquinones, Test tube Screening Methods for
Flavonoids (Test for leucoanthocyanins: Bate-Smith and Metcalf method),
and the Test tube Screening Method for Tannins (Ferric chloride test). Results
showed that in all Nanochlorum spp. extract, steroids, anthraquinones and
tannins were positive (with slight precipitation) but negative with alkaloids
and flavonoids.

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