Status of Ornamental Plant Production in Iloilo Problems and Prospects


Crisanto S. Lopez, Jr. and Monica L. Ballano


This study was designed to survey the status and problems of ornamental plant production in
iloilo; specifically to determine the practices of the respondents regarding the use of inorganic and organic
fertilizers and chemicals. It also aimed to possibly identify and quantify the commercial pesticides used
by the commercial growers both in the ornamental and cutfiower industry. A questionnaire validated by
experts and pre-tested among plant growers was used to gather information from the respondents. Final
phase of the study was to add more depth to their answers to the questionnaire
The survey revealed that commercial fertilizers (14-14-14 and 46-0-0) are still popular as 93% of
the respondents use them using since they are easy to use, are readily available and have immediate effect
on the growth of plants. Majority of the respondents (7 3%) were regularly spraying commercial pesticides
once a month, such as Tamaron, Cymbush, and Malathion while the rest used crushed pepper mixed in
water and lemon grass as organic pesticides sprayed monthly. Contrary to the fact that 74% of the growers
favor the use of organic fertilizers such as cow, hog, and carabao manures, however, 16% are actually using
these. It is recommended that a strong and vigorous campaign on awareness program should be undertaken
by concerned agencies on the Long-term benefits of using organic fertilizers for the sake of well-being and
the environment.


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