The Profile, Personal Attributes and Protective Factors of Resilient At-Risk Youth in a State University


Ma. Lulu L. Loyola, Nove D. Jalandoni, Baby Rose G. Robles


This descriptive study looked at the profile, the personal attributes and
protective factors of resilient at-risk youth in the academe as well as identified
other factors instrumental in making them resilient. Data were taken from 86
students of the West Visayas State University system. Results showed that the
respondents were young (16-21 years old), female, in good health, and eldest
or middle child. They had legitimate birth status, come from intact family
structure with nuclear household composition, and the majority were extremely
poor and orphans. As to their personal attributes, spiritual connectedness rank
first, followed by cognitive competence, autonomy, and social competence.
On the contrary, their protective factors come primarily from the school, then
the home and community providing almost equal protection and support.
Further, another significant factor that makes the participants resilient is the
presence of care and support from a significant adult, caregiver or teacher, or
.having at least one strong personal relationship with a role model

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