Yield Improvement of Volvariella volvacea in Composted Banana Peels Under Indoor Conditions


Dr. Crisanto S. Lopez Jr., Esperanza P. Armada, and George Fredrick Roxas


Mushroom, Vovariella volvacea, was grown on green banana peels composted at different length
of time. The objectives of the study were to assess the potential of the substrate in terms of mycelial growth
and pin-head development. Much more, it was also the objective of the study to provide added value to
the waste banana peels by using as substrate in mushroom production and at the same time mitigating the
burgeoning issue of environmental problem. The study was done in the laboratory and is composed of
two phases, the assessment of mycelial growth and the pinhead development under laboratory conditions.
Results showed that I 5-day composting showed a significant result compared to other treatments of 0-day
and 30-day composting in terms of vegetative growth as well as pin-head development.

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